Friday, August 25, 2006


Dreamkaya team is formed to create more Internet Entrepreneurs that working from home (Home Based Business)

Today, home based business has emerged and growing very fast to be a new industry in the world. At present, there was statistical report showed that there was at least one new person jumped into Internet World at every 10 seconds in the USA alone. This industry has created more than USD427 billion a year to the US economy.

Home based business is promoted widely by Malaysian Government as SOHO (Small Office Home Office). As of today, there're many graduates, school leavers, small businesses and individuals that have joined into this business. One of the successful Internet Entrepreneur is Irfan Khairi who has been successful in the Internet Business. (Please read his book - Rahsia Jutawan Internet)
There were also failures in this business and these were contributed by lack of knowledge, No strategies, No help and guidance from the right mentor, no self sustain, working alone and just by blindly follow the trend and not believing the potential of this business.

Dreamkaya team was formed to assist Internet Businesses to nurture the teamwork spirit with the right guidance from the mentor. For example, our Digital Marketing System is a short course that is prepared to train all our members with the right strategy to market their products and services to the Internet. The best potential Internet Website will be link to the dreamkaya website and will be advertise in the popular website like, and

Following to that, Dreamkaya team is taking these advantages from the great Internet business opportunity to help members who want to change their lives. The Dreamkaya team members who have been success in this business could share their experiences to other potential Internet Entrepreneurs. We could also move out from our financial problem as there're many of our friends out there are having problem with creditors like credit cards, housing loans, education loan, loan sharks and many more. Do not let it control our freedom. We live once. Free yourself from DEBT.

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